School Chalk

When Max was little, I always wanted to make sure that he started and graduated from the same school, mainly because I wanted him to grow up with the same kids that were familiar with his disability.  In fact, I was adamant about it… enter life.  About a year ago I took a job in the big city, that’s located about 2 hours away from home.  Thank goodness my job is flexible enough, and all of my work is done online so I get breaks at home, but for the most part, during the week I’m in the city while the rest of the family is in our small, Colorado mountain town.

The first few months it was fine, both of my boys and my husband were fine with it, but here lately my youngest has increasingly had a tougher and tougher time.  Actually, the times I spend working from home I can tell that all of them are missing me more and more.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss them too, I ache for them, but with a down economy, the money in what I do for a living is in the city.  So, I’m stuck.

In comes the new plan – do we move to the big city or do I continue to commute?  I don’t want to move Max to a new school, even though he claims it’ll be fine and he’s actually excited about it, but I think he says that because he wants to be around mom more.  I don’t want to be stingy and uproot my family to the city just for a job, but again, my husband can transfer his job and I LOVE my job.  My husband and the kiddos are ready to move down to the city, I just don’t know if it’s the best move for Max.

Max is going into 5th grade and I know it’s going to be a hell of a year no matter where he is, because it’s so close to middle school.  I’m afraid of the teasing, the bullying and everything else that comes with being disabled and meeting new friends.  But am I being overprotective?  I like to let Max spread his wings and learn things on his own, because he insists, but I have a hard time stepping down and not being mother-hen.  I’ve thought about if we do move to a new school, should I go in and give a fun PowerPoint to his new classmates so that they can learn about him, or is that me trying to protect Max again?

Have you switched your disabled kid to a new school?  How did you make the transition easier?  It’s okay, you can tell me I’m overprotective.  I just want to know what worked for someone out there that has gone through this same experience.