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Max is Doing Good in School – And Socializing

Love School

I feel lucky for many reasons, but I don’t know if luck is the word… maybe it’s karma, or maybe it’s God, but we are a blessed family.

We are young parents, we own a home, own our cars, have amazing jobs and can supply for our family, but there’s more to our blessings than just that.  I grew up in a Christian home, and even though I haven’t been as devout as I’d like, I’ve found myself being drawn back to faith more and more over the past couple of months.  I truly think that this is what helps our family thrive and our prayers help others thrive.

Today, I had school meetings with Max’s teacher and White Bread’s teacher, just reviews, but I always love to meet with their teachers to see how we can help them excel better in school.  They are both doing phenomenal, but it was Max that I was most worried about entering these meetings; not because he comes home complaining about school, but because he doesn’t.  I wanted to know how he was doing with school mates, how he was adjusting, if he even attempted to read aloud, – basically anything that I didn’t already know.

But Mr. Carver set my mind at ease, because Max doesn’t have any issues.  He doesn’t struggle with school, he has plenty of friends and reads aloud every chance he gets.  In fact, Mr. Carver was so excited to tell me how well he’s doing; he told me that he wished he could video tape him just to show how well he is at reading aloud!  His grades are all A’s and B’s at this point and he has no problems with socializing.  Wow, that is truly amazing… thank God.

There are so many things I can probably attribute him doing well in school too – our parenting, his personality, God, a smaller school.  He knows the majority of the kids from kindergarten to fifth grade and each of them understand him – not just understand his condition, but actually understand him.

Thank God for small schools, awesome teachers and amazing kids – Max loves school!

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  1. That’s awesome!

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