5th Grade

Another school year is about to begin and this time Max is at the top of his class, elementary anyways – he’s starting 5th grade.  It’s annoying and exciting at the same time – he’s even nervous.  I don’t know why, maybe because it feels like the end of elementary, or maybe because next year is middle school… or maybe because back in 1st grade, we talked to the 5th grade students at the time, about Max’s disability and disabilities in general. 

Nevertheless, Max will do well.  He’s going to school with kids he’s known since he started school and he knows his environment, but he’s scared and that’s justified.  Kids grow up and they mature… it’s something that we’ll be dealing with from now on out.  I say we, because I feel his pain when he comes home and tells me about it, but it’s really his battle.  It’s him that has to deal with it; I just deal with his pain and hurt when he comes home.

I couldn’t imagine being bullied because of something you can’t control.  I wasn’t bullied for things like that; in fact, I only remembered being bullied for being smarter than everyone else.  It sucked when I was a kid, but now that I’m older, I wear that proudly.  He’ll learn to wear that proudly too, but it’s school kids that kill you, that hurt you and tear you down.

Oh, my Max… you are strong.   You know more than most adults do and you are stronger than I ever was at your age.  I hope and pray that you keep your strength and know that you will teach the world through your words… even though they may not understand and have the patience.

I know, this post is a bit old.  I just found it in my archives and thought I’d post.