Congenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome

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Always Loved

 Just a Rock

There was always something magical about Max. Yes, of course everyone was always curious about his condition, but they were also always taken back by how lovable he was. I know, I’m sounding like a typical mom right now, of course I loved him and his family loved him, but the magic came when he could make complete strangers swoon over him.

Even when I wasn’t sure about what was going on with him (before his diagnosis), he was still able to communicate with his facial expressions. He could cut his eyes to show you that he was teasing, that he was flirting, or that he was mad – seriously, just by shaping his eyebrows and eyes in just a way.

I remember when he was only 1 ½ years old I would take him into daycare and all of the teachers would come running just so they could give him love. He would tilt his head down slightly, raise his eyebrows, give a big smile, and they would all be in love.

He still does that to this day, and people still comment about how expressive he can be just with those beautiful eyes. I suppose that’s the funny part – even without a spoken language or ASL, he has been able to show his emotions from a very early age.

I also think that this very simple form of body language was what helped Max make so many friends along the way. I was so worried that he would get picked on, or people would be grossed out by the drool, but for the most part, people (even kids) look past it. They can feel/sense Max’s unconditional love through this body language.

He’s always been a lover.

Where White-Bread is my danger boy, Max is my lover. He looks at things differently than I’ve ever seen anyone look at things. He takes the time to appreciate even the simplest of things. He loves rocks, nature, climbing, camping… essentially anything outdoors. And he tells us that when he grows up he wants to be a geologist. I try to get different articles from places like National Geographic that have lots of photos so that he can see the different things that geologists do, and he dives into them with so much curiosity. He’s held this dream for about 3 years now and has buckets full of rocks!

He loves people, even when they don’t understand him, but I think he finds an understanding with nature because he sees the natural beauty in it, even if it is just a plain ole’ round rock.

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  1. Sounds so much like my daugther. :)
    She is now 7 and has CBPS (diagnosed when she was 3).

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