Potty Training

If you’ve ever potty trained a child, you know it’s no easy feat and usually involves a lot of bribing. I have two boys, so I’ve never had the pleasure of potty training a girl, but I’ve heard from plenty of other parents that have both, that boys are stubborn as hell when it comes to potty training –yay for us (this is dripping with sarcasm). With our youngest we thought we had potty training techniques down to a science; I mean come on, we’d already gone through potty training with a child with a disability and that was one of the most challenging experiences ever. But no, little brother (a.k.a. White Bread) can put up a fight like you wouldn’t believe.

We tried the M&M jar above the potty to encourage him to go in the toilet, but no, he wasn’t convinced. We tried peeing on Cheerios for targets, but no, this wasn’t interesting enough for him. We tried the musical potty chair that played music every time he went in it, but I think that just kind of creeped him out and he ended up avoiding it altogether. That stubborn little boy had us wrapped around his finger and doing everything possible to get him to go in the potty, but nothing worked.

One day he was at his grandparent’s house enjoying the summer outdoors and noticed his grandfather peeing outside (I didn’t say we were proper folk). White Bread immediately took to this concept; I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s so easy just to go whenever, wherever. He immediately pulled his pants down and peed – it was a simple as that, like he knew all along.

The grandparent’s called us to tell us of White Bread’s new trick, and of course we celebrated, even though it wasn’t exactly IN the toilet. Awesome, we’ve got peeing down, now it’s time to learn #2. Oh, but don’t worry, he soon had that down too. You see, the dogs do their #2 in a certain part of the yard, and White Bread saw nothing wrong with doing his business in that same part of the yard as well. This is one of those awkward parenting moments where you have to celebrate – I mean he didn’t go in his pants, but he didn’t exactly go in the most appropriate of places either.

He was so damn proud of himself, and we eventually convinced him that the toilet was a great option as well, but I always wondered during his #2 sessions outside if anyone ever saw that little white butt sticking out, and wondered, “What the hell are they teaching that kid?”

The image is not a picture of our White Bread, just a really cute picture that I got over at Brainz with a post that talks about How to Potty Train Your Little Boy (Or Girl).