Love My Husband

I love you more than you know. I love how funny you are, I love when you take the time to text me just to tell me I’m beautiful and I love that you love me. If I could tell our nieces what love is in a man, I would tell them that it is the feeling of being safe, secure and loved, and that is exactly what you give me.

I love that we have the same passion in life, from family to our house to growing old together, it is you that I see being there with me every step of the way. I never want you to feel 2nd class to anything, because it is you that is my best friend and that I tell every detail of my life to. When someone says, “Can you keep a secret?” My reply is always, “Yes, but I’ll probably tell my husband.”

If I hurt you, if we fight, I’m sorry. If I ever make you feel that you can’t take care of our family, then I’ll step down, because I truly believe that it is you that is our inspiration.

If I pass on tomorrow, I want you to remember two things – take care of our boys, they are everything to me, and make sure you are happy. Keep living and remember that I always loved you.

After 8 years of being together, I never expected to be this happy with one person. I never expected to have my entire world consumed by one man and two little boys that completely occupy my time. If I had the money, I’d make sure that we spent every waking day making sure that each and everyone one of us was happy. We’d shower our family with gifts, help our local community and make sure our boys had the best life in the world.

All I can say is thank you for loving me – thank you for being my life partner and thank you for being there for me when I had no one else to talk to.

I love you.