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Max Has Failed His Hearing Test… Again

School Hearing ScreeningMax has had numerous hearing test throughout the years.  The first one was after he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 18 months old, but he passed that one with flying colors.  And he always seemed to understand us just fine; so I never questioned his hearing.

However, when he started school, he began failing their hearing tests each and every year.  At first I was concerned, and would set-up an appointment with Children’s Hospital Colorado to get him evaluated, but every time he would pass.  We went to get evaluated 3 years in a row, until finally, I was tired of the up-and-down feeling you get every time the school tells you that your child failed, once again.  So, I talked to the ENT at Children’s Hospital, and our Pediatrician, Dr. Gablehouse, and expressed what had been going on.  They told me that it was best to go to our pediatrician first to get an initial evaluation, and if she felt we needed to go to Children’s Hospital, then we could make that appointment then.

Yes, I’d like to say that heading to Children’s Hospital is like walking next door and getting an exam, but for us it’s not.  The hospital is actually 2 ½ hours away, which means each time we visit, I have to take the day off work and Max has to take an absence from school, just to be told that everything is fine.

6th Grade and Max Fails the Hearing Test Again

As we went and registered for middle school at the beginning of the year, Max failed yet another hearing test.  The person that did the test was completely unqualified and the room was loud, so I didn’t think much of it; plus, the school would be doing a more accurate test later in the year.

Then came the next hearing test, and guess what, Max failed.  Ugh, I appreciate the school doing their job to test children’s vision and hearing, but when you hear the same thing over and over, you almost think that they may be telling us he fails on purpose?  Each time we’re told, we pay to go to the doctor, get the doctors note, and bring it back to the school to show them proof that he is indeed fine.  I suppose I just find it odd that he fails the hearing test at the school, but not at the doctor.

Has this happened to your CBPS/BPP child?

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  1. Jenna fails every time. She even did at the ENT when she was little (pulling the nodes out). But we had the BERA done on her and I know her hearing is excellent because if i open a candy wrapper in anther room she comes running! LOL. She fails the school one too but usually passes the second one done privately. Probably too many distractions and confusion with her class.

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