Ginger Candy

Max has spent the better part of his life being on Robinul for drooling. Drooling is one of the unfortunate symptoms of Congenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome, as well as many others with special needs and that are elderly. Robinul works well for Max, but he has to take it periodically throughout the day and it’s a medication – no mother wants their children to be on medication if they don’t have to be; not to mention, Max isn’t too keen on it either.

I was talking to a woman about natural remedies one day and she suggested that I research homeopathic methods to help dry up secretions. Needless to say, there was next to nothing on the web for natural remedies when it comes to drool. I tried every arrangement of keywords that I could think of, but continued to fail at finding a solution. I can’t remember what keyword finally worked, but I stumbled upon a shady looking website that wasn’t very impressive, to say the least.  On that website was a story from a woman who had written about her husband who was bound to a wheelchair and had no muscle function, thus he drooled. She had tried numerous natural remedies, and eventually found that ginger was the best at drying up saliva.

I thought, “Really, it can’t be that easy,” but it was my first hit on anything natural, so I drove to Vitamin Cottage and bought ginger candy and fresh ginger to try ginger tea. I figured I would try the ginger candy first with Max, but thought it might be too hot for him… ginger is kind of hot you know.

I explained to Max why I wanted him to take it and that if it worked, he wouldn’t have to take medicine anymore. On his first day he tried two ginger candies in the morning and it kind of worked. The next day I gave him three in the morning and three more at noon. Guess what… it worked – completely dry.

We’ve been doing ginger candy now for about a month and it’s still working. The price is cheaper than the medication and he actually likes it. And the best part… no more medication. He willingly takes the ginger candy and stays dry all day.

The Back Story

I can’t remember when Max hasn’t drooled. Babies always drool, but his never stopped. He was wearing bibs to keep him dry up until he was around 3 or 4. The only reason I stopped doing bibs was because of the snide comments that I would hear in public, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe she still has a bib on that baby, he’s like 4!” It’s not that I was afraid to tell the people to shove it (and that’s putting it nicely), but I didn’t want to embarrass Max. We started Robinul somewhere around this time, but it’s hard to get a baby to swallow a pill, and even harder to make sure he takes it a couple of times a day. So, for the most part, we just dealt with the drool.

It’s stinky (drool that is). We were changing shirts 3 to 4 times a day, and taking baths nightly. We have tried using bandanas in place of bibs, and sweat-bands for the wrist (to wipe away drool as he got older), but nonetheless, it’s still embarrassing for Max.  But he’s strong and has an amazing gift to ignore the remarks he hears.

Kids say rude comments, but we know that kids are curious and want to know what’s going on.  However, it’s when adults say things that really irks me… “Yes, he knows that he’s drooling, thanks for reminding him!” I want to protect him as a mother, but he always tells me he’s fine. I think he’s the one trying to protect me sometimes.

Drool stinks. Drool sucks.

Ginger Rocks.