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Max Can’t Talk, But Wants to Join the Choir

Singing in the Choir

Right when I write a post about sending Max home with things from school that don’t make sense for him, he brings home a flyer about Minisingers – the school’s before and after school choir program.  But this time, I’m inserting my foot in my mouth.

I wrote in that post, “All I’m saying is pay attention to what you send home to me,” but here’s where parenting gets tough… Max actually wants to join Minisingers.  What do you do?  What do you say to a kid that can barely talk that this probably isn’t a good idea?  Oh wait, I also said in that post, “Everyone has something that they’re insecure about and he has to make the best of his disability – just because he can’t talk like others do, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost… it’s time to grab life by the horns and show it who you are.”

I talked to Max about why he wants to join the choir, and he said that he had a lot of friends that were joining.  I told him that singing may be difficult, and we could try playing an instrument like the xylophone or drums, but he insisted that he wanted to join the choir and he understood that it would be hard for him… he’s so hard-headed and confident (way more confident than I ever was).

So, should I let him join the choir, even though we both know he can’t sing? Should I let him enter a room full of kids that know he can’t speak that well, knowing that he may have to face a lot of looks and whispers?

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  1. As a follow-up… I posted this on Facebook and one of our favorite teacher’s reached out to us and said that Max could definitely join the choir. He could do the place cards, start and stop the music, help the director and all sorts of other things. She said that we should reach out to the choir director and see what her ideas were, but there was no reason why he couldn’t join Minisingers… Mrs. Garson rocks!

    Thank you Mrs. Garson for the love and spirit that you give to our children… especially our Max. We cherish teachers like you ;)!

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