AAC on iPadI’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth saying again as I go into this post, we live in a very small town up in the Rocky Mountains – Hot Sulphur Springs, CO. There’s a lack of resources for Max’s needs, and we’ve always known that. However, it became more real when our speech therapist told us that she didn’t think that Max needed her services any longer because his speech hasn’t changed in the past three years. This is the same speech therapist that Max has been with since he was 3, and we trust her very much, but I think this stop in the road really made me think… this can’t be it; we can’t just stop here.

His speech therapist, and the school, have worked with Max with different AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) devices over the years, but he still hasn’t picked up on anything. He still wishes to use his speech the best he can, while supplementing with ASL. I’ve always been fine with this because he “gets by,” but I don’t think that just getting by is going to be enough as far as communication.

Yes, I’m always going to be an advocate of him trying to use his voice, and I also understand that speech and ASL are much easier than picking up a machine; I’ve even heard this from people who are older with BPP. But I also know that he needs to do more than just semi-know the AAC device.

I know that I have to take a stand and do something.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start a new journey with Max. I’m going to reach out to the AAC therapists in the city, Denver/Boulder area, and see if we can get him more help. Unfortunately, this means we will be driving 5 hours round trip to do the therapy, and possibly taking time away from school, but I also have to know that I have done everything I could to help him with his communication needs.

I’m not sure where this is going to lead us. I hate to say that it may mean that in the end we end up leaving our beautiful mountain home so that our son can get the care he needs, but if that’s what it takes, we’ll do it for him.