Congenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome

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He Doesn’t Worry About What He Can’t Do

Max is Happy it's Summer

At the beginning of the summer, I kept beating myself up inside thinking about how hard it would be for Max to get a summer job.  He’s only 13 this summer, so it wouldn’t have been until next summer that we’d really have to worry about it.  I was already thinking that those jobs that teens usually get in the food service industry are out the door, because of the drool and his communication limitations.  At such a young age there really aren’t that many options for him already, but to add in his disability, well, the options are even smaller.  I would stay up at night crying over this, hurting for him, and wanting for him to have every possibility he ever wanted, but knowing that his life would be different… he would have limitations that would hold him back.

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Prom, Even For the Disabled

Kent Brown Asperger Syndrome Prom

I originally saw this story on Facebook (and it may later come along as a fake), but nonetheless it definitely pulled on my heart-strings, so I thought I’d share….

In the small town of Braymer Missouri people were touched as they saw Courtney Cox and Kent Brown ride up to their proms grand march on scooters decorated with bright green and pink – as they pulled up tears of joy was shed by the small community.

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Dear Little Brother

The Allen's

Dear White Bread,

Sometimes I feel like you want me to write a blog about you, but don’t worry buddy, you were never meant to feel left out. I write about your brother to help other parents learn about his disability, but you are just as awesome!

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Always Loved

 Just a Rock

There was always something magical about Max. Yes, of course everyone was always curious about his condition, but they were also always taken back by how lovable he was. I know, I’m sounding like a typical mom right now, of course I loved him and his family loved him, but the magic came when he could make complete strangers swoon over him.

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Is Speech Therapy Really Over?

AAC on iPadI’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth saying again as I go into this post, we live in a very small town up in the Rocky Mountains – Hot Sulphur Springs, CO. There’s a lack of resources for Max’s needs, and we’ve always known that. However, it became more real when our speech therapist told us that she didn’t think that Max needed her services any longer because his speech hasn’t changed in the past three years. This is the same speech therapist that Max has been with since he was 3, and we trust her very much, but I think this stop in the road really made me think… this can’t be it; we can’t just stop here.

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